One thing that's abundantly clear to me from leading community-based ritual spaces for the past few months: people need and love to come together in intentional ways that let us tap into truths beyond-and-including us.

In the grief, exhaustion, terror and chaos of the post-pandemic anthropocene: the greatest work we can do is stitch ourselves back together, make ourselves whole again, with the living world of meaning, grace, love, and purpose.


Back in 2020, in the heartbreaking thick of the isolating pandemic and the subsequent uprising summer, I got the inspiration to begin a new pattern that I invited people into:

I'll be outside. Under a big tree. In a city park. Join me there.

And we'll see what emerges.

I call it Open Open Hours. Like office hours, but so much better.

  • More open in terms of what happens there. Like all of my community guided spaces, this one uplifts emergence: whatever we each bring, when we combine together, becomes the medicine and magic we truly needed to experience.
  • More open in terms of setting. Literally—the outdoors! Allowing for free flow of energies between the living world and our hearts, minds, bodies.
  • More open in terms of how you feel after a gathering like this. Openness is a result as well as a principle.

You can check out the Instagram post from summer 2020 when Open Open Hours was first initiated here. And yes, even when no one else showed up, I sat in the park, on the grass or a blanket, with my medicine ways around me, taking in the scene, receiving my own and the living world's medicine, and in doing so, found some form of respite amidst the tumult, inner and outer, of that time.

The first Open Open Hours of 2022 is set for May 26th, 6:30pm at City Park!

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Note: This is an in-person only offering. If you want an online space or ceremony, please don't hesitate to let me know!