The Embodiers Circle is a regular monthly meetup group. The Circle is formulated to unlock a depth of witness, study, and practice for those exploring what it means to be a "fractal practitioner" or who are simply curious to dive deeper with Fractal Praxis.

The Embodiers Circle is convened, curated and hosted by creator C. Savery in the distinctive Fractal Praxis design/style.

A cauldron for personal and spiritual development, each Circle contains an average of 13 fearless seekers, which is an ideal size for connection, co-creation, and ✨magic.✨

The first cohort will meet online over Zoom a minimum of once per month (possibly twice). In person Circle options will be developed once a critical mass of folks local (to Denver / Boulder) join.

What happens in the Circle?

Within the Circle gatherings, you'll find:

  • Group games, practices and connection activities
  • Philosophical sermons by Fractal Praxis founder C. Savery
  • Enlivening facilitated discussion and dialogue
  • Collective sharing and witnessing
  • Collective self-determination of what receives focus in each session

Circle members will be the first in the world to benefit from Fractal Praxis' up-and-coming offerings, such as tools and worksheets, educational workshops, trainings, group coaching, and co-created ritual spaces.

Additionally, and perhaps equally as profoundly, the Circle is designed to be emergent and responsive based on the unique needs, efforts, pursuits, struggles, and yearnings of the group's individual participants.

In other words: Each Circle meetup is ALIVE and we CO-CREATE it.

Who is this for?

For fans, followers and aspiring practitioners of Fractal Praxis, who are ready to go deeper in their inquiry in a circle of their peers, and who can offer a commitment to self development, loving-kind witness to their peers, and a willingness to try on new perspectives and techniques to expand their consciousness.

Why register now?!

Membership access CLOSES on March 26th. Join now to be part of the first cohort.

How to Join

  • Go to the subscription portal and select the "Embodiers Member" option.
    • OR signup here directly.
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A Prayer for Embodiers Circle, Now & For the Future

Calling you in!

Turn to face the mystery
Embrace emergence
Apply yourself
Develop yourself
Go beyond

Witness each other
In a circle of your peers
Bring forth your greatest self
In this lifetime

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