Ask anyone and they’ll say that I am a lifelong community organizer, passionate about people’s empowerment and designing better organizations and societies, and that I work tirelessly to build a better world.

I am blessed to be surrounded by an incredible community of visionaries, teachers, healers, walk-the-talkers, creative geniuses, and compassionate lovers.

However, for the longest time, I had a mental block, a gap in imagination, around my receiving support from community. I could not envision putting my thoughtwork out there for everybody.

It’s true that sometimes things need to grow underground before emerging like a plump spring blossom. But this block was pernicious. It was more than that.

It is not that I was ashamed of this work—by contrast, I believe this is some of the most beautiful work of my life. And it’s not that I doubted my work’s validity or worth. Even after receiving an undeniably clear message from my intuition, three years ago, that I would have to one day publish and share this work, I remained in a low-key panic about it.

I was afraid of your reaction. Unreasonably afraid. And it has made me unconscionably hesitant.

I was dodging a shadow from a past of bullying and being bullied, of seeing but not being listened to, of knowing but not being accepted. A shadow so big it reaches into the distance of my familial lineage. A shadow so broad I could not perceive it, even as it defined the actual limits of my inner and outer life.

As with any fractal liberation process, there is being in it… and then, if you’re lucky, there is going beyond it.

It has taken me three years to overcome. Now, I am ready to evolve and heal. I stand once more at this strange-yet-familiar edge of what is not yet integrated. I embrace the risk and opportunity palpable here.

And in this moment, I meet you here. Hello!

To move on, I must honor how much I have grown. How many false worlds I have grown beyond. I celebrate my spirit for shepherding me through the wilderness.

Today, if I’m being perfectly honest, I could not imagine NOT doing this in community. There is so much I envision here now.

Here’s what it means to me to have this community space.

I want to assure you I am not trying to capture you like so many soulless sales prospects into my exclusive business marketing funnel. How boring and passé.

Rather, I want to afford these ideas, and the groups and conversations that emerge around them, the space that they deserve. Free from noise, in a focused channel, like the serenity of a wisdom circle out in nature.

I want to give practitioners a space of sanctuary and sovereignty to begin hatching their dreams of a deeper, more expressed version of themselves.

This work is sacred because it is fashioned to make us more whole. Therefore, a whole dedicated space is what it deserves.

I want to do this slowly.

I want it to be imperfect.

I want to do this with you.

It doesn’t matter to me if you are on here once a month or multiple times a day. I really just need to feel you by my side, as we embark toward the next unbounded edge.

Your engagement here fertilizes and potentiates so much in my world! You are helping me:

  • Write a book!
  • Refine and strengthen the most meaningful work of my life
  • Create fresh, powerful curriculum for courses and ceremonies
  • Step into the role of an intuitive guide and facilitator
  • Weave community into liberatory circles and intersectional collectives
  • SEE and KNOW

Did you know you were doing all this to help me, just by reading this?

How could I / Fractal Praxis help YOU?

Here is where dreams come true. Or, more accurately: here is where the worlds we dream begin to mesh with and be drawn into the worlds we inhabit today.

Here I will bring my best self—in no small part, by practicing what I preach. I will bring intentionality, wisdom, faith, flexibility, and a big ol’ imagination.

Thank you for being here, sheltered in this one little pocket of the vast web of our interconnection. It means the world to me. ;)

Oh, and just making sure you got this message:


I am because you are.