Today in the sunlight, in the moment,

I believed in a world in which I have real intrinsic value
and in which nothing more is required of me
to be valued.

And thanks to the encounter with this world,
maybe I will subscribe to this belief.

Maybe I must.

Because maybe there is more truth in said world

Than in the self-neglecting, self-denigrating world I thought I knew
I thought was true
The world of misplacement I believed was pervasive
that I reinforced as though true

Society’s standards
to which I owe my sense of the world
might be made up of less truth
and more agenda, more avarice,
than first meets the eye

Though painful—
Just because I inhabited in one world for most of my life
Doesn’t mean I cannot move.
Doesn’t mean I cannot choose.
Doesn’t mean I cannot become otherwise—
Wise to other worlds.

Maybe the world in which I am valuable, just as is—
Is more true?

Maybe when I opt to believe it,
I cause these worlds to intersect more?
To rend, refract and reconcile each other—
may the one that is more true prevail.

The world of living systems (the “natural world”) seems to reverberate in substance, like a subtle ripple, when I put forth this premise.
When I ask, “Is this true?
Is this more true for you?”

It says something that feels like “Yes;
And we have been waiting for you to know.”

It says, “Yes, this is more like the way things are.”

And I trust my relationship to the whole to know
That this is a belief
worth trying on
and a world
worth living into.