I am a creator. And thus I must wield my powers to destroy with discernment.

I no longer want to hurt people with my rage.

So I will create a container for that rage, a new container powerful enough to sublimate and transmute the forces that would destroy in my life... that, if unmanaged, would conquer even beauty and kindness with the gleeful vengeance of harms done.

Into that sacred ritual container, in dedication to the liberation of all beings, I will offer vigorous purgative movement. I will shake and shed and summon out all the hindrances. Until I and my approach to the universe are cleansed, purified.

When my destructive urges are out of balance, it's like a radioactive echo blasting a signal from my past into my present, harming the present, destroying bonds in the present. What was once the signal of childhood abuse and neglect (unseen in childhood) becomes noise in the present, as scary "truths" struggle to be surfaced, seen and integrated. This manifests like noise because the present environment and reality no longer match the learnings, that are still trying to map to a world long gone.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Into my creative container, I assign that excess rage, the surplus rage... the rage which does not belong only to the situation at hand, but to an entire system of causes and effects far exceeding any one choice or circumstance.

Through this strategy of creating with even my "darkest" parts: I become more effective in my life.

Through my efforts of creating and delivering this new pattern I dub Purge Church, a version of me is destroyed—the one in which I'd stay too small to ever dare take up space with a weird thing like Purge Church.

Such is the brilliance of creation. Destruction is embedded in creation. But we get to curate, to choose, which edges to try integrate, what to do with our many irreconcilable parts—as we are living processes of Creation, itself.

And we—or versions of ourselves, rather—must be destroyed by the active embrace of new horizons. 🌈

I create with what I have on hand, in mind, on heart, in life. Including my surplus-sized rage, produced and stored from bearing witness, from being willfully damaged, from lack of accountability, from knowing too much.

At Fractal Praxis, one of our core principles is that we work with what's there.

Join us for the PURGE CHURCH ritual space on Saturday.

And accept this unique invitation to work with what's there in the shadows/edges of YOUR day-to-day consciousness. Meet your horizons... and grow more resilient. 🖤

Purge Church is just the latest new creation (new horizon for the encountering) in a simmering series of upcoming teachings and practices from Fractal Praxis, meant to foster integration and synchronization between our bodies and minds, expand and re-engineer our stories of the world, diversify our filters, and discipline our attention. 🤯

I am honored, and I honor my calling, by bringing these forth. Stay tuned for more transmutative containers of all wild variety. 🦇

With love,