My latest two videos in the Unfurling Fractal Praxis series posit big dreams for an expansive future.

The first dreams of what would happen if we expanded our self-definitions to "all-Life," beyond "human," beyond "me." What potentials would that unlock to cognitively and culturally reorganize ourselves?

In its follow-up video (2) I introduce a radical dream of a future society comprised of all-beings co-conspiring towards harmonious coexistence—one grounded in living systems self-awareness and pattern praxis.

Here's the archive of all videos thus far in the series.

Working with our Waking Dreams

I love how in English, the word "dream" is ambiguous. One must rely on context to discern whether the "dream" being discussed is a waking life aspiration, or a sleeping-time experience. And sometimes, not even then.

My sacred lover and I are in a process regarding the cultivation, ripening, and bringing forth of dreams.

I am reminded and humbled of how dreams really come forth—they are coaxed, not coerced, to reveal themselves. They are loved and trusted into greater expression. 🕯️ ...Even as their revelation and fulfillment may spell the certain destruction of the ideas of our self that we cling to today. 💀

We must train our hearts, bodies and minds for enduring what the dreams may ask of us. Cultivating the courage and humility to abide them, while also cultivating the inner power to not neglect ourselves in the sacred pursuit of them.

I've immersed in this world for most of my life, and have gotten familiar with its terrain. Although my beloved is mirroring to me a crucial reminder that this work is profound, delicate, scary, crying out for slowness, crying out for spiritual strength. Especially in the early stages.

Yes, our dreams are precious things. If we fumble them, they may never come to fruition, instead becoming grist for the mill of life. If we disbelieve them, we are bound to be led toward the briar, toward the mire—rife with nefarious tricksters and cunning time-energy thiefs. If we believe them TOO passionately, we are liable to delude ourselves, and end up chasing a fantasy, insensate to real-world feedback. This is slippery terrain indeed!

But if we do not dream, we abandon our potentials and our souls. We degrade through disregard what could be. We disclaim a more fruitful, more vibrant, more beautiful world. And this is not in our true natures. So we defy our true selves.

When we're really grappling with these truths, the apparent path to take actually becomes narrower. When you know there's only one thing to do, then you are at the brink, about to cross the threshhold into following where you dreams lead. Then the Dream is ready for you, and you for it!

My life is testimony, inner and outer, to the power of this way. I affirm it because I am it. I affirm it for YOU.

Dream Affirmation

Here is a Dream Affirmation I composed. Perhaps this will come in handy to you, wherever you are on this journey.

As a sovereign child of this Earth, I have a right to Dream.

To dream is to connect with this sacred world’s dream for me.

To let myself dream is to affirm my union and belonging in this world.

To affirm my union with the creative and knowledge-making forces of the universe, always swirling around and through me.

By dreaming, I make new worlds possible. Worlds more whole, more beautiful.

This is necessary, and it is why my dreams are sacred. I will revere my dreams. They are the world trying to create wholeness through me.

I bravely and humbly surrender myself to my dreams, and devote my will to their power to come true through me.

So it is!

Ritual Spaces as Dream Containers

Ritual spaces are not only containers where the modality of being with and working with our dreams gets cultivated. They are also sufficient. Sufficient moments unto themselves, when space-time warps into a concentrated omnivalent beam, and the illusionary veil between the dream world and the "real" world thins.

Here are some ritual spaces I have coming up that you could join if you like!

Yule (Winter Solstice). 🌲🕯️🌲Evening, December 21. Hosted by the luminous priestess Linda Zivlaska! Details coming soon, RSVP at the link.

A Fractal Praxis Mass. Evening, December 7. An experimental ritual space, loosely modeled on a "mass" in the Christian tradition, involving song, chant, movement, and oration (a sermon). Led by yours truly, teaching about Fractal Praxis. A one-hour ceremony, to be followed by doughnuts and coffee. ;) The pilot event is to be Invite-only, please let me know if you'd like to join this.

Purge Church. Evening, December 30. A cathartic release space for flushing out the stuck emotions and tensions in our body. Kind of like Ecstatic Dance, but for the emotions society does not give us adequate space to process in community: like rage, grief, anger, horror. We all have it—and for most of it, it gets repressed and stuck in the body. Here's a very intentional container for letting it loose. The pilot event is to be Invite-only, please let me know if you'd like to join this.

More details on these and other ritual spaces will be announced in future newsletters.


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