Embodier members are the lifeblood of the Fractal Praxis community. They put the "practitioner" in praxis! 😉


What does it mean to be an Embodier member?

Embodier members are the most active practitioner community within the Fractal Praxis network. They are committed to consistently "leveling up" their study and practice of Fractal Praxis.

Embodiers are yearning for opportunities to engage more deeply with Fractal Praxis—whether in the form of courses, coaching, private groups and circles, or deep learning-and-practice experiences with their peers.

The custom offerings for Embodiers are emergent, and co-determined through dialogue and engagement. Current list of offerings includes a monthly peer group witnessing circle meetup, a monthly integration circle meetup (for big life challenges and psychedelic experiences), periodic workshops and practices, and weekly emails.

Embodiers subscribe for $26/month and access the highest levels of engagement, benefits & opportunities within Fractal Praxis.

Who is Embodier membership for?

Embodier members are people interested in growing their witnessing and sense-making capacities and techniques. They want to dive deep into Fractal Praxis's diverse offerings, maybe joining for multiple events, courses, workshops, or coaching sessions. The 10% discount on ALL Fractal Praxis offerings represents a great value for Embodiers.

What benefits do Embodier members receive?

Embodiers receive:

  • 10% off the purchase of ANY/ALL Fractal Praxis products, including courses, events, coaching. (This can add up to enormous value!)
  • Access to exclusive and personalized event, engagement and meet-up opportunities—only for Embodier members and hosted by C.
    • Currently, this includes: a monthly peer group witnessing practice circle, and, a monthly integration circle
  • Opportunity to meet and form connections (and even new, original circles) with other Embodiers who share your location, values or passions. Imagine curated circles like mutual coaching, facilitator training, ritual design covens, and more!

How do I sign up?

Simply click here to sign up for Embodier Membership. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you are already subscribed to the Fractal Praxis blog and newsletter, and wish to upgrade—simply sign into your account first, then click the "View Plans" button from your account page.

You can cancel your subscription with ease at any time through your personal account page.

Any questions? Please message me at C [at] fractalpraxis.com.