It is August 31, 2020. I am sitting, hooded, in meditation posture.

Beneath me: deep and vast sand dunes, shifting almost imperceptibly like a mythic underworld snake. Yet soothingly soft and also firm, sound, supportive. Unchanging and timeless.

Above me: the dense sky cloaked in velvety blackness punctured by a blindingly white shining moon, imposing lunar dominion upon the land and impressing upon oneself an awesome wonder.

Around me: unbelievable silence. What few sounds they are in that vast wild, absorbed, muted and contoured by the wefts and crests of massive sand mounds.

To the extent of my awareness: this form alone exists between earth and sky. Magnetized in place by epic pressures and everlasting cycles. Sculpted into the purest stillness. One with the Void.

It is midnight. And in this moment, I feel my menstrual cycle begin to flow.

An initiation within an initiation. 🐚

And I am as peaceful, as sovereign, as happy, as one can be.

Your invitation to initiation

Friends, I am proud to announce Fractal Praxis' signature offering for 2022: Moon Dunes Loons, a guided group outing to the Great Sand Dunes under the allure of the full moon, September 9-11, 2022.


An intrepid circle of sovereign souls… walking willingly into the deep dark void, the wild belly of the earth… witnessed unflinchingly by the outrageous full moon in all her lunar glory… communing humbly with earth medicine... these seekers open themselves wider with every step to become purer vessels for self-originating spiritual guidance.

This vision is arising. It is real. To be guided by me/Fractal Praxis.

I am honored to be called in this way, to unify my upward spiral of awakening and lived experiences into this bold and sacred offering. This offering transcends and includes my recent community ritual space experiments, my intuitive coaching successes, my countless facilitator and educator experiences, and my mystic poetic "channelings" into one marvelous whole.

To create an optimally protected container, space in Moon Dunes Loons is limited to a select small group of 6 or 7 ready individuals. If this invitation calls to you, please do not hesitate to register your interest here. And feel free to forward this newsletter/blog to people you think would be so called, and they can register too. I will contact each person who expresses interest with instructions on next steps.

Preparatory Transmissions

In honor of and leading up to Moon Dunes Loons, I will be releasing a curated package of audio musings.

These 5- to 10-minute long spoken pieces combine potent contemplations and poetic insights into one captivating themed "musing" that is sure to fuel your meditations and curiosities for the week.

I will release one per week for the next five weeks—teased through these newsletters. Here's what you can look forward to:

Week 1 (August 5): Death and Space (2 episodes!)

Week 2 (August 12): The Agenda is Rewilding

Week 3 (August 19): Renaturalizing is Freedom

Week 4 (August 26): Not-knowing is Freedom

Week 5 (September 2): Seeing in the Dark

A preview of what the audio course page looks like... Read on for how to access it!

You can access these musings right now by making a donation (of any amount) or becoming a monthly supporter/member of Fractal Praxis. If you choose to support—thank you!—you will receive a private link and password to access these musings as they are released each week. All confirmed participants of Moon Dunes Loons will also receive these musings to help prime them for their upcoming trip.

Here is a tease excerpt of one recent transmission, Space:

Dear reader, please consider joining or sharing the Moon Dunes Loons offering if you feel so called. May you receive my sacred offerings as gifts upon the altar of your life and spirit. And may you dive deeper into your own path of growing intuition, growing courage, growing aliveness.

In gratitude and trust,