The world can change from your world(view) on out.

I am addressing you. You, the individual sense-maker.

You, the being, the sentient being, the intelligent individual: you are the most essential creative unit in the universe.

With a sophisticated body that feels its limits and a dense mind absorbed in knowing what it can: you are a potent embodiment of change-potential.

Your mind can morph a million times over in order to better adapt, better map, to the world and its contours.

You are outrageously capable of knowing and changing—if you cultivate these capacities.

So, individual: How can you change the world?

Probably, you have already tried.
And probably you haven’t changed the world as much or in the ways you imagined you would.
Probably your endeavors began from an idealistic place.

How can you change the world?

Not ideally… but really?

Attaining Evolutionary “Fitness” of Mind and Self

You are a most highly ordered sense-maker. And you can become even more highly ordered.

You can let in even more truth. You can allow it in, to inform you, to guide and change you, to reorganize you. Indeed, to let in truth is to let it act on your worldview. It may even cause massive transformations, major reorganizations, of the inner world by which you navigate the outer world.

As a result, you can become even more crisp, clear, simple, whole and holy.

And in response to these inner changes, your actions in the world calibrate themselves to better match the true collective needs out there. By increasing your wholeness, you become an agent of collective fulfillment as well.

How does this happen? And why is this process both inevitable and essential?

Consider that:

All the patterns comprising who you are are just looking for a place to fit.

They are seeking integration so that they are in right relationship with all other patterns of your life.

Now consider that to effectively integrate those patterns means learning from them—from their testimony into how the world is.

And that doing so also classifies as transforming karma, meaning that non-adaptive patterns do not continue circulating in the world as harm and ignorance, but instead are converted into pure information and put to work in supporting life’s thriving.

Consider that all of this is fundamental to fulfilling our potential as brilliant living beings.

All that You Are Belongs—If Organized In Right Relationship

You are the ultimate creative agent and I honor who you are right now. Everything that has shaped you, everything that has made you—these conditions are the result of the cycling of karma, the taking shape of patterns in how they are iterated and reciprocated and circulated throughout the universe.

Every iota of your being is a complex testament to the universe. And, if trained for this, we can even read you as though you are both testimony and prophesy about existence.

Everything that you’ve become, by unconscious or automatic processes as well as intentional, willful ones (because even will is a product of these sense-making processes!)… You can reorganize these parts into a person so at peace, so profound, so palpably clear, so excellently effective, as to be unrecognizable to your former self. Unrecognizable, except that you are more completely known to yourself and others. Such is the transformative power embedded in our being. To change so much, so deeply, through this central method of knowing.

The direction in which a living system desires to change is toward higher order: a more elegant synthesis capable of including ALL that we are without reducing any part of it. If you practice flushing non-truth out of your system and soaking in more truth, no matter how initially uncomfortable, you will become changed in a way that makes you more true in all the ways and systems of your life.

To let truth be absorbed into and organized within you is to help sense-make for people and life everywhere. There is so much faith and love placed in you as a sentient being to play crucial functions in sensemaking for your whole community and for yourself. The way to live a more blissful life as an individual is to create more bliss and harmony through your being with your surroundings—generating that sense of “fit.”

Yes, it is blissful when the pieces fit together. Yes, this is evolution and cognition in action. Yes, this is how we shall make the world better. Yes, all of this is built in. Not ideally—really.

Fitting In To the Truth of Ourselves and This World

So what world are you fitting to? Many false worlds are breaking down right now, but what is relevant is the truth and the patterns.

Precious irreplaceable being whom I am addressing, I’m claiming that all of your knowledge is valid and relevant, all of your experiences contain important information about how the world really is—and yet these contents need to be reorganized, refined, reformed, for the benefit of all beings.

And you belong to this process. You get to participate in the great harmonizing of all beings, the great wisdom-making. The great breakthrough. The great intelligence whose samadhi-like insight breakthroughs lead to greater intelligence, greater wisdom, greater wholeness.

The shape of such “liberation” phenomena is fractal—occurring on individual and collective scales. You depend on others sharing their truths to know yours. You depend on acknowledging and integrating your truths to become more true in the world. The world depends on you to help make sense of what is truly true. This is a sacred role befitting a comprehensive yet blissful process.

May you take what has made you and rework it, knead it, know it, and reorganize it so that everything fits just a bit better. You have the power as an agent of creation to radically change the way you are being, and in doing so find more love, more acceptance, more connection, and more witness. You belong to this process and to these fellow beings, now and forever.

So it is, and may it be so for you!