Climate change is feedback.

What are the blessings of what it can teach us?

What truths about this world does it reveal to us?

How are our cultures (particularly those derived from capitalist, colonialist, monotheistic, dualistic worldviews) resistant to absorbing and processing this feedback—in ways that shall threaten their very survival?

What would it take to be courageous and enduring enough to face the feedback offered us by climate change? How would it rewrite our stories of who we really are, and how to behave?

Feedback is such an important concept in living systems, and it is relevant at all scales. Climate change is feedback manifesting at the global scale. Most of us will be more familiar with feedback we encounter in our everyday lives, like difficulties in relationship or cognitive dissonance encountered in our spirits or ethics/morals as we try to make our way in a complicated world.

A failure to integrate feedback and adapt may express itself as cognitive dissonance, stuckness, or illness. Again, this is true at every scale.

I am offering weekly videos on Instagram with a goal of beginning to establish Fractal Praxis theory and ideas in the world.

I address:

  • What is Fractal Praxis?
  • Why is it adapted to this time and circumstances?
  • What promise of liberation results from facing our truths and true selves—at every scale?
  • What is Life's core patterning, and how does it express in the universe? How does it express itself in and through us?
  • How can we get right with Life?

I hope these efforts will reach you and reach new people, connecting them to Fractal Praxis. I truly believe this belief-and-behavior system has the potential to orient us and align us powerfully in the world—at all scales.

Thank you so much for reading and watching!



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