I have titled this journal sound and light.

For the pleasure of its double meanings

Sound 🔊

Light 🕯  and

sound:   firm, clear, sane, grounded

light:   uplifted, easy, gentle, as opposed to heavy

And, of course, for its triple meanings.

This practice of freeform journaling has been with me now for so many years of my life—strongly for over a decade since at least 2008. My catalog of filled composition books now numbers 37 (!) And, this one shall be no exception. This journal, nondescript… from the look of its cover print and the fragile feel of its paper, it has been traveling, blank, with me for some years indeed.

This practice has become a sound part of my life, and has produced soundness of my mind, body, and spirit.

What it has yielded, too, this process, this companionship, is light.

Light shining in and on my life, my paradigms of thinking, my whole worldviews have been revealed to my own eyes here… [expand] and thus have had a better chance of being integrated.

Of transforming. …Perhaps I’ve always been chasing the high of my first total dissolution event then prolonged Dissolution (dark night of the soul) back in 2010… but I do know that worldview collapses can be embraced… and even trusted, to some extent. As a process anway. A process often producing soundness.

And I hope this journal denotes an era in which I understand, deep in my embodiment I understand, that life—that pulsing Qi energy transmitted through our being—seeks to ACT on the world. That action is called for, and called forth through life. That it is BEYOND TIME for me to make SIGNAL (not noise)—statements, songs, claims, impressions—and shine my light of illumination on the world in the ways and means (channels) other people can RECEIVE.

Converting the sublime into substance, the subconscious into conscious (illumination).

To matter. This MATTERS.


Good day, readers and friends.

Yes, I did indeed just open my actual journal to you and share its contents.

Through this inviting intimacy, I want you to feel how safe it is, how safe it can be, to invite our inner self to share itself with us.

I ask you to embrace an initiation (or a rekindling, if this be already a practice of yours) around the technique of stream of consciousness writing for our liberation.

As noted in the passage above, this is a medicine I have been taking for the majority of my life. And it has been integral to the development of any perceptible liberation that I may embody.

If writing by hand is physically unavailable to you: I also recommend the process of stream of consciousness voice narration into an audio recorder. I use this technique at least as often as stream of consciousness writing, and find it just as effective.

My invocation/invitation for the new year is:

Allow yourself to be more shaped by you: your sweet, genuine interior, your "bigger self" (spirit, intuition), your wild and resourceful mind, your latent truths and honest reckonings.

In a world where we have suppressed and denuded wilderness at every scale, some of the sweetest medicine of wild nature can be found in a simple, still moment, by tapping into the process of your raw, unbounded embodiment.


New Year, New Choice: Practice stream of consciousness journaling

All you do is put pen to paper and allow whatever arises to be captured. The allowing is the real practice. Expect nonlinearity. Expect nothing. Allow being surprised.

Once you get fluid with it, your intuition—or that part of you capable of integration of all information, all sources, all senses—can speak loudly through this method.

Let your own wisdom emerge.
Observe yourself and the patterns your mind is producing and projecting onto the world.
Literally-improvise your way to channeling the primal power contained in this moment.
Gradually liberate yourself through increasing awareness.

This is a healing method. It can make you more whole by allowing your unfolding, flow-based wild mind to receive expression. To allow the fragmented parts of you to become woven, integrated, into a greater wholeness.

Benefits include: dropping into openness/flow state, learning to trust self-generated intelligence and intuition-guided growth, witnessing your vulnerable parts of self that may get overridden if not given enough space in ordinary life.

It's a practice. The more you engage with it, the more fruits it will bear in your life.

If you need more inspiration or resources, check out this one-hour talk and guided practice on stream of consciousness writing that I led online in April 2020.

Or for a quicker does, at minute 20:52, enjoy a poetic invocation of the method of writing into / writing to Know.

"We are embodied meaning, evolving.
We mustn't squander this rich intelligence within.
The world grows ever more trustworthy, its feedback ever more lucid, its lessons ever more resonant, as ignorance diminishes."


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Your comrade,