Dearest community,

This spring, I have been busy being bewitched by the golden glow and fragrant allure of dandelion flower tea.

I have been busy following my intuition and dreaming devotedly, exhaustively, of large-scale collective empowerment in the form of village-building and business-building for my extensive social permaculture community connections in Colorado.

I have been busy being broken and remade, being unborn and reborn, in the woods, in my beloveds’ presences, and in the delicate spring-scented moonlit night.

I have been busy pondering what to do next with you all. Curious and contemplating about this tiny seedling called Fractal Praxis, and how it wants to grow in the world… and also, imagining what a big thriving blossom it could be later in its season!

All I know is, it matters. Because it makes me more whole, and potentially it makes the whole world more whole.

Know that I am a person who has strived to be guided. For the majority of my lifetime on this earth, I’ve committed and recommitted to this treacherous yet rewarding path. I give myself to be led by intuition, to be a tool of an intelligence much broader and vaster than (and yet vested in) me. With trust and with dignity, I have treaded into the unknown, over and over again. In this course, I have developed robust, resilient “muscles” for being guided within my body-mind. (Not to say I am never tempted to let those muscles rest… to the point of atrophy and chaos.) Yet I return to remembering as though it is air itself, and I’ve forgotten to breathe until now.

It is my prayer that all of us discover how to be guided in the same manner. I desire you to be guided by your inner wisdom and vibrant relationships to the greatest expression of and purpose for yourself in this life that you could possibly imagine. Thus may you acknowledge yourself as one minor mode in a major symphonic expanse of sense-making, of embodied brilliance, being but one agent of making the whole world more whole. Thus may you mimic the bright ancestors mycelium, whose profound resilience and wisdom lies in their interconnectivity, capable of pulsing information to precisely where it will be best received.

I am not and will never be the only guide you have nor need. The greatest guide you will ever know is within you. My work is devoted to awakening you to these inner processes by which Gaia’s wisdom (the collective intelligence of all beings, past, present and future) percolates into your soul. So that you feel compelled to follow where you are led. To follow the truest version of yourself, that is. And thus to be free and autonomous, creative and sovereign, needing not to follow others in an immature, grasping way.

Reciprocal guideship is the highest form of spiritual (spiral) relationship, in my experience.

So I appeal to you, beloved community, to guide me.

Here is a survey

that I’m asking each of you to complete to give me more guidance about what I could do next with the potentials embodied in Fractal Praxis. Please provide me your sweet sense-making by sensing into your own desires and alignment here. Which of these potentials should be cultivated? To which of these fruits would you offer your nutrients now, to enjoy later?

I thank you in advance for helping shape the future of Fractal Praxis.