I bring two main voices to bear in this work: the rational explanation, and the poetic invocation. Both voices arise from my wisdom, however, their productions look quite different. Whereas I labor to refine the educational material, the invocations simply emerge from me in the present moment, whole. In some traditions this is dubbed “channeling.” Both modes are valid and both teach in different ways by speaking to different parts of your mind.

For more of this kind of material, you can follow the topic, Truer Words (Poetic Invocations).

Fractal Praxis is an articulation of Emergence.

It will speak to you if you’ve also picked up on the Gaia signal surging through your central channel like the world is on fire
—that is,
if you resonate.

It is a delineation of what must be done.

To feed <—> back Adaptation In Place.
As you are, with what’s there.
Working to yield the fruits that optimize for wholeness.

Your being is enough.
You must learn to wield it properly.
(And ultimately to let your being be wielded by Life,
which transcends and includes you.)

An accelerated initiation, on purpose.
Self-empowering. Lineage-full.
Diverse yet highly discriminating wisdom,
capable of parsing and honing the finest patterns
in every media and at any scale.

However, I cannot share a cognitive framework so sophisticated (the memes)... without attempting to convey the practices that make such seeing possible (the means).

Fractal Praxis provides a framework and laboratory
for both theory (memes) and practices (means)
enabling humanity’s liberation into its truest forms.

Toward a life more completely sculpted by truth, more completely lived.

May your mind be as a forest garden that perennially yields.